Cíes Islands
Cíes Islands

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The Cíes Islands are a Spanish archipelago located in the Vigo estuary formed by three islands: Monteagudo, Montefaro and San Martiño.

The islands were created at the end of the
Tertiary Era, when some parts of the coast subsided, leaving aside the islands and the peninsula.

Human presence on the islands is from the late Paleolithic (about 12,000 years ago), but no stable settlements were found, only some tools of objects related to fishing.

During the following ages, no large remains were found until the arrival of Emperor Julius Caesar on the beach of Rhodes on the island of Monteagudo where he made a battle against the tribes that inhabited this island.

In the following centuries, the Cíes Islands had a short historical reference until the sixteenth century, where the corsair Francis Drake used the islands as a base of operations and supply of his ships.

The inhabitants of the islands lived mainly from agriculture and fishing, until the arrival of the twentieth century where the island began to be depopulated, reaching its minimum in the middle of the middle of the last century.

It is here, in 1960 when the importance of tourism meant that the islands were receiving more and more visitors for their natural landscape becoming visited, in summer season, by more than 3,000 visitors a day.

Currently, on your visit, You can find incredible beaches and natural views, old food stores, a small barracks of the nineteenth century, a lighthouse, among other remains.

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